The Official Boulevard Entertainment, LLC

The Official Boulevard Entertainment, LLC
B-Eyes of The Storm Photography
Barrington “Bo” Scott

Barrington “Bo” Scott, CEO of Boulevard Entertainment, LLC is excited to introduce it’s new photography service – under the name

Capturing those special moments in life… that sometimes only comes in the calmnest of the eye of the storm.

Portraits, Marketing Imagery, Events & Real-Estate Photography

Prince Hall - most worshipful grand master Norman C. Campbel and Georginna Thomas

Council member ward 7 Alexander and udc president Ronld Mason , jr. esq

Ali presents award to Dr. Thompson

Bob Marley and Host

NAACP dinner /w President Mason & wife

Rev. Willie Wilson

Recording Artist Faith Evans with Barrington Bo Scott

Recording Artist Faith Evans with Barrington Bo Scott

Vision Perseverance Realization
It”s a D.C.THANG “Only We Can Understand”…WOL & Ralph Waldo “Petey” Greene, Swimming in the Reflecting Pool, The Shrimp Boat Sea Food, Polar Bear- Frozen Custard, Summer Youth Work Program, Summer Go-Go In the Park, The Good Humor Truck, Neighborhood Movie Theaters, Boy Scouts, The Howard Theater, Sunday School, The Young Senators, Officer Friendly, Duke Ellington, The All Sportsmen’s Club, WOOK Radio, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, The March on Washington, Duff I & II Concert, Human Kindness Day, Crabs from the SW Pier, 58th & East Capital Projects, Dunbar High School, Marvin Gaye, Armstrong High School, Mayor Walter Washington, Coach-Sal Hall & Cardoza High School Football, Barry Farms, Woodward & Lothrop Christmas Windows, G.C. Murphy’s, Mayor Marion S. Barry, The Fruit Stand at Georgia & Military Road NW, The Milk Man, Takoma Swimming Pool, the Choice Four, Skip Mahoney & The Casuals, Haines Point “Lovers Lane”, Rock Creek Park, E.U. & Sugar Bear, Trouble Funk, The Hot Shops on Georgia Ave. NW, Little Tavern –Burgers, The Curtis Brothers Big Chair, Treasure Trove, The Wonder Bread Company below Howard University, Benning Road, Key’s Restaurant, Federal City College, 45 rpm record players, Uline Arena, The Wilson Line, LeDroit Park, School Patrol Parades, Wilmer’s Park, Chuck Taylor - Converse All Star Shoe, Billy Simpson’s, Mark IV Club, Trade Winds, Peters Jackets, Ed Murphy’s Supper Club, The Majestic Ballroom, Faces, B & D Productions, Dave Bing, D.C. Striders, Ida’s, Wings n Things, Ron Sutton & WHUR, T & Fuller Band, The Mix Breed Band & Show, Dungarees, Turkey Thicket, Battle of the Bands (Anacota Park), The House of Secrets, Pat & Gee Gee’s, Dukes Shoe Shine Shop, Bens Chili Bowl, #11 Boys Club, DC Teachers College, RFK Stadium, The Jewels, The Donut Shop, Urban Coalition Basketball, Dewey & Cathy Hughes, Soul Papa, Willie Woods, Florida Ave, St. Grill, Blast Entertainment, Dimensions Unlimited Concerts, Adrian Dantley elected to NBA Hall of Fame on April 2, 2008, Cavaliers Men’s Store, Tiger Flower Concerts, Dobbs Hats, Eastern Market, Waxy Maxi Record Store, “Beatle at The Coliseum -2/11/64, Washington DC Riots April 4-8, 1968, Sugar “Ray” Leonard, Loews Palace, The Blue Mirror, Soul Formula Phase II Band & Show, The Night Hawk Show-WOL, WHUR- Glen Harris, Chief’s Table, Howard’s Record Shop & Clothing Van, Morgan’s Seafood, Masonic Temple -1000 U St. NW, Soul Food, The Afro News Paper, Chocolate City, Co Co Lounge, Horace & Dickie’s Sea Food, Coach Dixon & Sheila Ingram go the Olympic Game, Industrial Bank of Washington, Dr. Henry “Stud” Greene, Simple City, Mc Donald’s on Georgia Ave., Jack Purcell–Blue Tips, Kalarama Roller Skating, Fort Stevens Playground, Shelton’s Hair Gallery, High’s Corner Store, The Calvin Coolidge Fashionates & Fashionable Gents, Mike Butler goes to Green Bay Packers, Eddie Leonard’s, Melvin’s Crab House, Tiffany’s Night Club, The Fox Trap at 16th & R St NW, O St. Market, Dr. Paul P. Cooke, Kennedy Playground, National Shirt Shop, Rich’s, Chapter II,III,IV, The Room Night Club, Possen Grocery Store, Crisfield’s Seafood, Hand Dancing, Miss DC Pageant, Bohemian Caverns, Ibex Night Club, Tony Upson, Lerners Department Store, Sears, Jackie Lee’s Lounge, Langston Golf Course, Hechinger Mall, Carter Baron, Coach Will Jones UDC win Division III Basketball Championship, Kermit Washington was drafted by NBA Los Angeles Lakers in 1973, The Washington’s Band, Jet, Cardoza H.S. Marching Band, Liz Noland & Natural Motion Hair Gallery, Langston Terrance Public Housing, Chateau Night Club, Boulevard Entertainment…and if you read all of this, you most be a DC Native!

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 DC's Own Spur Of The Moment

spur of the moment


D.C. Hometown Videos

D.C. Hometown Talent      



Duke Ellington
Marvin Gaye
Stacy Latisaw
Chuck Brown Godfather of Go-Go
Johnny Gill
Rahem Davaughn
Randy Gill
2 D Extreme
Michelle Indigo Chello
Eva Cassidy
Spure of The Moment
Brian Laneir
EU Experience Unlimted
Trouble Funk
DC Scorpio
Captain Fly
The Young Senators
Skip Mahoney &The Casuals
Keith Martin
William Davaughn
Tonya Blount
Toney Fountaine
Peachs & Herb
Pure Soul
Se' Kou
Davey Yarborough
Rare Essence
Cliff Jones
William Beckton
Propet Jones
Seven Son's of Souls
Me to You
DJ Kool
DJ Flex
Stinky Dink
Al Johnson
Reds & The Boys
The Orioles
The Choice Four
The Five Sharps
Billy Stewart
Tony Terry
Marcus Johnson
Gil Scott-Heron
C-Huff (Mr. Music)
C.J. Uptown Crew
Mouse Trap
Born Jamericans
Richard Smallwood Singers


Boulevard Entertainment, LLC, is excited about the opportunity to assist you in making the realization of you "DREAMS" come true.


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