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Doug Williams

Doug Williams is the first African American to win the Superbowl
MPV Superbowl XXII 1988
Washington Redskins 42 - Denver Broncos 10

For more information go to

Sports Magazine - Doug Williams

Marlin Briscoe
Marlin Briscoe
Oct 6, 1968 -
Became the first African American to start a AFL
game as quarterback on TV with the Denver Broncos



Jefferson Street Joe Gilliam
"Jefferson Street" Joe Gilliam
First African American QB to start
after the AFL and NFL merger in 1970

Glen Harris

The Pigskin Club of Washington, Inc. Salutes Radio
& TV Sports Icon - Glen Harris for his contributions to the Sport.



Barrington Scott

Barrington Bo Scott -Chops it up with
NFL-Hall of Famer- Michael Irvin. "Commanders or Cowboys"


The 2019 UDC Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees
top row from l to r : Anthony Cade (Kappa),
William Chesley (Kappa) & Barrington "Bo" Scott (Kappa).
Seated from l to r  Coach Donald Fugel and Lester Jay Butler

UDC Wins 1982 NCAA Division II Men's National Collegic Basketball Championship

Legendary Head Coach Will Jones

UDC Wins 1982 NCAA Division II National Basketball Championship

EB Henderson

EB Henderson

The Eastern Board of Officials (EBO) was founded in 1905 by the late Dr. Edwin Bancroft Henderson.

Basketball Legends

Edwin Bancroft Henderson Story

Edwin Bancroft Henderson Story


Book Book

Henderson also co-edited the Spalding Official Handbook for the I.S.A.A., which was published from 1910 to 1913. The Spalding I.S.A.A. series gave first comprehensive account of black participation in all major sports and remains a rich source of early historical information about African Americans in basketball. “Mr. Henderson’s book should eliminate much of the guess work upon which both sports writers and fans have been forced to rely in discussing the merits and records of our runners, jumpers, boxers, swimmers, basketball and football players and other stars.”

“Mr. Henderson’s book should eliminate much of the guess work upon which both sports writers and fans have been forced to rely in discussing the merits and records of our runners, jumpers, boxers, swimmers, basketball and football players and other stars.”
— The New York Amsterdam News, 1939

Henderson formed the first rural branch of the NAACP here in Falls Church, in 1918. But Henderson’s actions also brought unwanted attention. In the1920s, he received a letter signed by the Ku Klux Klan that referred to blacks as “baboons” and threatened that he would be “borne to a tree nearby, tied stripped and given thirty lashes. ...”

EB Collage



University of the District of Columbia Alumnus

Amadou Gallo Fall, The Godfather of Basketball Africa
President of NBA Africa and 2020 UDC Atheltic Hall of Fame Inductee

UDC Alum – NBA Africa President

A Senegalese native, Amadou Gallo Fall is NBA President of Africa. He oversees the NBA’s grassroots basketball development initiatives and its partnerships with marketing, media and consumer product companies in Africa. Fall has been working in this capacity since January 2010 and is currently based at the NBA Africa office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Discovered at a basketball camp in Africa by a member of the Peace Corps, Fall went on to play for the University of the District of Columbia, where he played center on the basketball team. The proud Firebird graduated magna cum laude from UDC.

In 1997, Fall put together a Senegal team that won the African Championship. Prior to joining the Mavericks, he worked in Senegal with the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

Before joining the NBA as its vice president of development in Africa, Fall worked with the Dallas Mavericks as their director of player personnel and vice president of international affairs. He also worked in Africa with the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders, a developmental program that goes beyond the sport to encourage education and social responsibility.

Prior to his 12 years with the Mavericks, he worked with the Senegalese Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Senegalese Basketball Federation. The national team he assembled went on to win the 1997 African Championship and participated in the 1998 World Championships in Greece.

He is using his leadership at the NBA to continue to spearhead the effort to increase the popularity of basketball in Africa.

Fall is the founder of SEED (Sports for Education amd Economic Development), a global non-profit organization established in 1998 with the mission of using sport as a vehicle to inspire, empower and support the holistic development of promising African youth, preparing them to become global citizens. To date, SEED has 100 alumni living across 16 countries in North America, Europe and Africa, who without the support of SEED, might have never had the opportunities to acquire the quality of education that they received from SEED, or have the opportunity to further their academic and professional careers abroad. In total, SEED has served more than 2,000 students through its various programs.

Underpinning Fall’s drive for using sport as a vehicle to access better opportunities is the inspiration which he draws from intellectuals who have gone before him. It is this wisdom that has helped to shape his academic and professional life and inspired him to aspire for greatness not simply for greatness’ sake, but in part to serve as an example to Africa’s youth to help them aim for higher and bolder dreams.

“My story is a testament to the power of sports,” Fall said, “and to sport as a tool for development.”


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